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For us, garden design is like a blank canvas. This canvas could feature a variety of colours and lines that need to be filled in, or it could be completely blank. We're talking about proportion, scale, and circulation since every piece of land has its own unique fingerprint. All you have to do now is look for it. 




Existing plants can be used as a frame in the background, and colourful, textured, artistic plants can be used to add colour to the front. The gardens are sculptural and made to feel like works of art, which we adore.



Small gardens, for example, get a sense of depth by emphasizing sweeping views across the garden. With a straight road and dramatic focal points at each end, emphasize its length. 




If the eye is drawn up and over the boundary fence, a little garden appears to be larger. By framing a view of your neighbour's trees and giving the appearance that your garden extends beyond the property line, you can borrow their landscape. Alternatively, you may plant a few tall trees along your fence line. Your gaze is drawn upward by a tall tree. "Even if the tree is situated at the property's edge, that makes the space feel greater and the tree appears farther away."


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