Ideas For Above Ground Pool Landscaping

Ideas For Above Ground Pool Landscaping



Landscape Ideas For Above Ground Pools


The best method to incorporate an above-ground pool into your landscape and give the impression that it has always been there is to design around it.




Ideas for Landscape Around Above Ground Pool


You can either keep things nice and orderly with colorful blooms tightly confined in terracotta pots or let lush, freeform plants develop around your above ground pool space. 


On a pool deck built around an above-ground pool, use planters in a variety of heights to break up the monotony of the horizontal slats and plank. On this deck, maintaining them in symmetrical order from side to side gives a boho-inspired color scheme a streamlined edge.




Landscape Ideas for Around Above Ground Pool 


Choose fast-growing plants for landscaping an above-ground pool if you want to quickly cover up its sides and make it blend in with the surroundings. Herbs that grow quickly in the summer, like lavender and rosemary, can aid with coverage without a long wait.



Why not encircle your pool with hydrangeas? When they begin to bloom, you can tell that summer has arrived. When the hydrangeas are in full bloom, the entire side of this above-ground pool is lined with them, reaching all the way to the top of the pool decking.


If you're fortunate enough to have a backyard with lush vegetation and wildflowers, use that as the backdrop for your above-ground pool. The most captivating backyard appearance is created by the contrast between the free-form, organic flowers and the hard planking.

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