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Modern Corner Garden Design



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Modern gardens can seem like easy-to-make gardens with little effort and often uncomplicated simplicity. On the other hand, let's not forget that simple beauty is difficult to achieve. Pure beauty means creating a garden that supports strong design and architecture, yet looks like a work of art in itself.


But don't worry, with some tips we'll give you, you can create and maintain your own modern garden. Let's not forget that we are designing a modern garden where less is more.


1- Use pots and objects


Pots create ease of use in modern gardens. It is also possible to add a difference to the view in the garden by changing the location of these pots. While choosing the color and texture of the pot, it is useful to take advantage of the facade coating of your building. For example, if dark gray colors or joinery are used on the facade of the building, it will be nice to use dark gray-anthracite colored pots in your garden.




In addition to pots, the use of accessories and objects will support your modern garden. A modern art object emerging from the plants enhances the quality of your garden and is a unique option for adding a modern touch to your garden. Especially if you have a small garden or terrace, using a mirror on the wall will make the space look larger and modern.


2- Make use of the color palette


You can design up-to-date, modern gardens by using colors that reflect trends. These colors can sometimes reflect countries and bring difference to your garden.


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Feel free to use color in your garden. For example, you can paint one of your walls a very different color. You can invite colors to your garden in your pots, cushions and objects. However, the most important tip for using color should be not to allow more than 2-3 colors, otherwise you may have a mess.





3- Make use of the graphic forms of the bushes


The use of graphic plant species (eg Phormium tenax variegatum, Buxus ball etc.) within the shrub groups will support the modern effect in the garden.




Graphic-formed plants will support your modern gardens with their clear lines. In addition to making your garden always look well-groomed and stylish, they also increase the quality of your garden. You can also use such plants in pots.


4- Use gravel in your garden


You can strengthen your modern garden by using pebbles in the garden to create an eco-friendly design and emphasize the zen atmosphere due to its contribution to garden irrigation.

In fact, gravel is a material that provides both functionality and aesthetics in gardens. The use of gravel, especially in places where grass areas cannot be created, on frequently walked roads, between stepping stones, at the junction of the building and the garden, and in many other places, will contribute to the drainage and irrigation of your garden and emphasize the modern effect.


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5- Use plants vertically as well


Green walls opened a new page to the use of plants in our modern world. Especially for those who live in the city or in an apartment, you can create your own garden by using plants in more limited areas with the help of vertical gardens.



It doesn't matter if your space is big or small to create a green wall. You can also create a small green wall in a frame, or you can turn a meter-long blind wall into a green wall. As a design element that instantly changes the atmosphere of the area it is in, green walls are a candidate to be indispensable in modern gardens.

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