No Grass Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

No Grass Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard


Front Yard Ideas No Grass


Less lawn can lead to outdoor living spaces that use less of your time, energy, and resources like gas, water, and power. Now is an ideal time to start planning for a new and enhanced yard because of the lower autumnal temps.


Front Yard Ideas No Grass




Giving up grass completely could be interpreted as a sign of disobedience if you live in an area where every home boasts a spotless, weed-free front yard. But by creating deep planting beds that wrap along the front and sides of the home, you can gradually move toward a front yard that is more garden than lawn.



Lay a garden hose out in a gradual curve to experiment with shapes. Then, test the design by mowing the remaining lawn to see whether it adopts an easy-to-trim shape. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, take into account the area that each sprinkler head covers. If necessary, plug in unnecessary sprinkler heads or convert them to provide a drip watering system that uses less water for the new planting beds.


Front Yard Landscaping Ideas No Grass


If you add wide borders with low-maintenance perennials and shrubs to the mix, your yard will be lushly planted—and simple to maintain.



Change a clearly defined area near to the house by substituting turf grass with a patio made of dry-laid bricks or a gravelly area furnished with outdoor furniture. Just be careful not to create a parking lot-style yard where rain pools in puddles and storm drains instead of returning to the soil by selecting permeable pavement that allows water to percolate through (rather than a large stretch of concrete).



Create a border around the space with planting beds, a low wall, or a collection of container plants. With flagstone pavers, create a welcoming walkway connecting different parts of the yard: You may reduce watering and create the appearance of a rock garden by nestling spreading, tread-friendly groundcovers like creeping thyme into the cracks.


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