Side of House Landscaping Ideas

Side of House Landscaping Ideas


Landscaping Ideas for Side of House


More homeowners are creating outside spaces dedicated to eating, cooking, and relaxing as interest in making yards an extension of the home grows. Because urban lots are getting smaller, every square inch counts. While the front and back yards receive the majority of the attention, side yards are frequently overlooked, resulting in wasted space.



The main purpose of a side yard is to provide a connection between the front and back yards. Because the room is typically dark and narrow, posing unique design problems, the opportunity to create an appealing and useful space is frequently overlooked. 




Landscaping Ideas For Narrow Side of House


Consider the purpose. Do you just want to use the space to move from the front to the back? Is there enough space for garden beds, a seating area, a fountain, a grill, a storage shed, a potting table, a children's play area, a dog run, or another feature? A heavily shaded side yard can be used to create a relaxing summer getaway.



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